Sunday, September 21, 2014


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This can make an excellent, if not best, guide for Evony with all the compiled up to date information once I am done with it. Of course I need your help to spread the word :)

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Uprise Buff Walkthrough
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Attack and Defense Combat
Archer Rainbow (Heavy)
Archer Rainbow (Typical)
Archer/Cav Wave
Ballista Rainbow (recommended)
Basic Defending
Catapult Wave
Phract Smack (recommended)
Ram Smack (recommended)
Scout Bomb
Wall Defense (recommended)

Inside City
City Building (recommended)

Historical Cities
Level 12 (recommended)
Level 14 (recommended)

Valleys and NPCs
Farming NPC
How to Capture a Level 10 NPC
How to Capture a Level 8 NPC
Medal Farming

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