Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ram Smack

- When the enemy has no walls. Check out how to clear walls.
- None to few ranged units (archers, ballistae, catapults)
- Most effective against enemy layers and layers only (everything but ranged units)

Because your rams will be like a massive wall, itself inflicting massive damage on the enemy, you can include a few strong ranged units within the wave. The catapults and ballistae will fire freely on the enemy from behind as the rams will act as their shield.

1,000 worker
1,000 warrior
103,000 battering rams
10,000 ballista
10,000 catapults (recommended but unnecessary)


Up against an enemy with no walls and a few million layers left in his city then the ram smack is the wave to use. Whereas the phract smack works when the enemy has no walls or layers but plenty of ranged units, the ram smack works when the enemy has no walls or ranged units but plenty of infantry. Ram smacks are deadly but expensive. They can kill millions of enemy troops if you have a good hero leading the attack but use them wisely!

Some battle reports:

My Ram smack vs 300k archers, archer towers, layers (9.1m experience):

My Ballista/Ram smack (11.1m experience):

Annan’s ram smack vs warriors, scouts, ballista (12m experience)

Michael’s ram smack (20.8m experience):

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